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Geopathic Stress


What you need to know about Geopathic Stress in just 5 minutes



Suggestion; read this page about Geopathic Stress in full first, then click on the links for more detail.

Geopathic stress removal for Limerick, Cork, Kerry, Tipparary

Galway and Clare 

About Geopathic Stress - what is it?

The term Geopathic is derived from the Latin term ‘Geo’ meaning earth, and ‘pathic’ meaning stress. Lines of this energy are referred to as Geopathic Stress lines.


The Earth has a natural electromagnetic field that is at a frequency of roughly 7.8 Hz, one of the Schumann Resonances. This field is distorted as it passes through underground streams, mineral deposits and other obstructions, and the frequency changes to a level that is harmful to most humans. This is what we know as Geopathic Stress and Geopathic Stress in Ireland typically occurs along lines that follow the course of underground rivers. Read this section in full here


How do Geopathic Stress Lines affect us?

Geopathic stress lines have a powerful effect on our nerves system and the cells in our body. The most studied aspect of Geopathic Stress is on it's relation to cancer, and there appears to be a high correlation between people sleeping on Geopathic Stress lines and the onset of cancer. People living in buildings effected by Geopathic Stress often have persisten illnesses and are often  referred to as having Sick Building Syndrome.


Under normal circumstances, when we sleep our bodies resistance drops by up to two thirds, that is when we rebuild our energy levels, build new body cells and  strengthen our immune systems. When these normal sleeping processes are interfered with we find that we have less energy, are more susceptible to diseases and are more irritable.


Birds are believed to navigate by Geopathic Lines, animals know not to nest on them, but we have lost that sense. One of my clients recently told me a story about a house that he did not build on family land because of wise words from his father "cattle never settle there, and if they don't settle there neither should you". This is 'wisdom of the land' and we need to listen to it. 


Typical symptoms of living on Geopathic Stress are Cancer, ME, persistent illness,a sense of unease, depression or tension. Some houses are known as sick houses, and it is often due to untreated Geopathic Stress lines. It is equivalent to how we understand the effects of living under a high voltage power line. It is a subtle energy that suppresses our body’s defence and repair systems, and over a period of time can have a profound effect on our health.


There are also other effects from spending time on geopathic lines... Read this section in full here  


Geopathic lines occur naturally, are easy to find and can be removed. We offer home service in Limerick, Cork, Kerry, Clare, Tipperary, Kilkenny, Waterford and Galway .
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What are the signs of Geopathic Stress?depressed lady from Geopathic Stress

There are many tell-tale signs of Geopathic Stress, however no conditions that can be exclusively attributed to it, The only way to be sure about Geopathic Stress lines in your home is to test your building. That said, the principal signs are;

Ø      Persistent illness that does not clear up despite good treatment. Sick building syndrome.

Ø      Illness such as Cancer, M.E., or Multiple Sclerosis.

Ø       Wasting diseases and premature aging

Ø       Hyperactive children and children with attention/learning problems

Ø       Feeling better when away from home. If you have problems that appear to clear up or improve while on holiday and they return when you settle back home.

Ø      Wake up feeling worn out, or feel worse in the mornings, or other sleeping disorders. Lacking energy.

Ø      Stress and a general feeling of nervousness

Ø      Depression

Ø      Infertility or miscarrages

Ø      Persistent bedwetting in children, tense or crying babies (they are more sensitive than ‘grown ups’)                   Read this section in full here


Animals and Plants

bee in springMany animals and plants are attracted to Geopathic Lines and thrive on them. Animals that like Geopathic Lines include cats, bees, wasps, and ants. Besides us, creatures that react poorly include sheep, cattle, horses and dogs.  Beekeepers will benefit from having Geopathic Lines moved to pass through their hives, where as owners of horses, sheep, cattle or dogs can reduce the chances of persistent illness or poor temperaments by removing lines form the pens where their animals sleep.


Many plants also thrive in Geopathic areas  Read this section in full here


What can I do to fix Geopathic Stress?

The good news is that Geopathic Stress lines are relatively easy to identify and there are many ways to remove them. Once the lines are identified you can;

Ø      Move the path of the Geopathic Line

Ø      Move your bed out of it’s way

Ø       Ground the line by using copper or brass staples, a copper ring or a steel stake (my preferred solution)

Ø      Block the line by using a cork based barrier

Ø      Neutralise the line by using an electronic cancellation device or crystals


The important thing to remember is that Geopathic Lines can be removed in almost all cases. The first thing that you need to do is to identify if you have lines through your building.  Read this section in full here


Geopathic Lines are part of nature and
once we know where they are, we can remove them.


About Paul Griffin

dowsing for Geopathic Stress lines

Paul has a natural divining ability, years of experience of removing Geopathic Stress from homes, and a deep personal interest in Geopathic Stress, the effect it has on our bodies and how to manage it. "The science behind Geopathic Stress Lines is facinating, and it is something that we should all be aware of".


“Checking your home for Geopathic Stress is one of the simplest things that you can do to protect your family's health. Geopathic Stress Lines are easy to remove and I would recomend anyone who has not had their home checked to get it done very soon. It is relitavely inexpensive and could make a real difference to your wellbeing”.


To contact Paul for a consultation please see here


Years of experience removing Geopathic Stress from homes in Ireland; 

Paul Griffin ¦ Co Limerick, Ireland ¦ Call Paul on 087 7787606

What my
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 " Since having my house cleared, several health issues have greatly improved. We have also noticed a marked improvement in emotional energy in the house, which has made a difference to general relations in the family. I would strongly recommend this coarse of action" N Buttery, Limerick

"Top class service Paul! I am delighted I got my house done. Thank you for putting my mind at rest. I will definitely be recommending you." Evelyn, Co. Kerry.

' Thank you for taking the time to show me what it is all about. I am delighted that I had my house checked' Sarah H, Dublin

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