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Geopathic Stress and animals

happy beeSome animals and plants are attracted to Geopathic Stress lines and thrive on them. Animals that like Geopathic Stress lines include cats, bees, wasps, and ants. Beekeepers will benefit from having Geopathic Stress lines moved to pass through their hives.


Many plants also thrive in Geopathic areas but they tend to be plants like mould, lichen, moss and ferns. Bacteria and paracites also thrive in areas of Geopathic stress 


Besides ourselves, creatures that react poorly include sheep, cattle, horses pigs, hens and dogs. Most animals will naturally avoid areas of Geopathic Stress but when they are penned in they cannot make that choice.


For centuries farmers have had a Diviner select a location for a shed or sleeping horsebedding area for their livestock, and it is notable that very few old farm buildings that I examine are on Geopathic Stress. In many parts of the world that practice ended and buildings were erected without considering the consequences.


It would appear like common sense; if you observe a location that animals will not naturally settle, don't build your shed there.


We now know the science behind this tradition of devining for a location and/or observing our livestock, and know how to cure the problem. The good news is that Geopathic Stress lines can be identified and removed so buildings located on Geopathic Stress lines can be treated.


I strongly advise anyone confining horses, sheep, cattle, pigs, hens or dogs in a confined space to check for Geopathic Stress. Unlike us, they sense it clearly and it continually agitates them. The symptoms are easy to spot; Agitated animals, escape artists, the barking dog syndrome, animals that do not settle, animals that will not bed in a particular place, illness and poor fertility.


You can prevent this stress by removing Geopathic lines form where your animals are penned. It is a once-off proceedure and is inexpensive to do. Your animals will be healthier and more settled, and It will pay for itself many times over.


The following is a table of generally established and observed reactions to Geopathic Stress Lines;



to Geopathic lines








Apple trees

Trees in general




to Geopathic lines



Snails and Slugs


Bees  Wasps

Insects in general

Elderberry trees




Moss and Mould




These lists have been compiled from my research and experience. If you have any verifiable evidence of other animals or plants that react to Geopathic Stress Lines I would be very interested in hearing from you. My e-mail is on the contacts page here


Geopathic Stress and Farmers 

If you are keeping animals in pens or buildings and want to enquire about Geopathic Stress you can contact me hereThe first phone consultation is FREE. We will cover the key indicators of distressed animals and conclude if it is worth while doing an onsite assessment.


Animal Rescue Centres 

If you operate an animal rescue centre I will be pleased to provide an onsite Geopathic Stress removal visit for FREE (you will need to cover the cost of travel and a cup of tea).


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