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If you are serious about learning how to find and remove Geopahtic Stress this is for you



The Geopathic Stress REMOVAL pack  

This is the most comprehensive instruction pack available to teach you how to find and remove Geopathic Stress lines. This pack provides detailed instruction on how to Clear your home of Geopathic Stress;

v      Test your divining skills,

v      Divine/dowse for Geopathic lines,

v      Perform the three most commonly used methods used by professional diviners to remove Geopathic Stress Lines,

v      Verify your results.

Most people have an ability to divine but have never tried. Packed with advice, tips, illustrations and photos, this is your definitive guide to removing Geopathic Stress from your home.


 Ultimate Geopathic Stress REMOVAL pack

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Includes full instruction on how to Locate and Remove Geopathic Stress lines PLUS a pair of authentic ‘hand made’ Celtic brass divining/dowsing rods made in County Limerick, Ireland. 


This is the ultimate pack to clear your home of Geopathic Stress lines


ONLY €59.95 (including packing, Sales Tax and delivery by post)





Geopathic Stress REMOVAL pack

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Includes full instruction on how to Locate and Remove Geopathic Stress lines. You will be amazed with what you can do with your own hands. This pack is available for download immediately. 


Pack Price €32.95 (including sales tax)


Special offer only available for

a limited number of packs.  ONLY €17.95



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 Location only

Geopathic Stress LOCATION pack

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This great value pack gives detailed instructions on how to test your Divining/Dowsing abilities and how to check your home for Geopathic Stress lines. You will know if you need to get professional help to remove any Stress lines found. This pack is available for download immediately.


Pack Price €17.95 (including sales tax)


Now at an encredibly
low price of
 ONLY €9.95



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Customers say

 " Since having my house cleared, several health issues have greatly improved. We have also noticed a marked improvement in emotional energy in the house, which has made a difference to general relations in the family. I would strongly recommend this coarse of action" N Buttery, Limerick

"Top class service Paul! I am delighted I got my house done. Thank you for putting my mind at rest. I will definitely be recommending you." Evelyn, Co. Kerry.

' Thank you for taking the time to show me what it is all about. I am delighted that I had my house checked' Sarah H, Dublin

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