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What can I do to fix Geopathic Stress?


The good news is that Geopathic Stress lines are relatively easy to identify and there are many cures. Once the lines are identified you can;

Ø       Ground the line by using copper or brass staples, a copper ring or a steel stake (my preferred solutions)

Ø       Move your bed out of it’s way

Ø       Block the line by using a cork based barrier

Ø       Move the path of the Geopathic Line – this is a great remedy

Ø       Neutralise the line by using an electronic cancellation device or crystals


The important thing to remember is that Geopathic lines can be removed in almost all cases. The first thing that you need to do is to identify if you have lines through your building. The best way to do this is to engage an experienced professional or if you feel that you have the touch, try our ‘Self Help’ pack here.


Once you know where the line is there are a number of options. We will look at each individually.


Ground the Geopathic Stress Line

This is what most professionals will do for you. By using a brass staple, a copper ring or a steel Stake in the ground. Don’t mind any over-enthusiastic advice you hear about the need to use solid copper for the staple, brass does the same job and works brilliantly.


The staple needs to be placed perpendicular to the line and to be buried in the ground, or a steel stake needs to be positioned in the centre of the line and buried deep into the ground. Both of these cures need open ground. But very importantly, you need to know the direction of the flow of the Geopathic Line as the energy is diffused for a distance in the direction of the flow. N.B. be careful not to disturb underground pipes or services. If in doubt use a professional.


Alternatively a copper Geopathic ring can be placed in the exact centre of the line and this will diffuse the line in either direction. This does not need to be buried, but it is very sensitive and needs to be positioned carefully.



Move out of it’s way

Most brilliant solutions are simple, and this one is simple. Once you are sure where the line is, move your bed off it. Most lines are only a few feet wide and moving your bed as little as two feet could be sufficient. The further away you are the better, but once you are off the line that is 90% of the mission complete. It is as simple as that.


Block the Geopathic Stress line

This can be done by using the power of nature. Oak trees developed a resistance to Geopathic Lines by growing a cork. Placing cork tiles under a bed will reduce the effect of Geopathic Stress lines.  Cork tiles from most DIY shops should work fine. This is a short term fix and not a real solution.


Move the Path of the Geopathic Stress Line

This is a more demanding process and needs a little experience. You position a steel stake into the side of the Geopathic line and it will divert the line to the opposite side. It will typically move a number of meters and may be moved further with careful adjustment. The problem with this solution for beginners is that once you have done this it is not always possible to undo your handy-work. if you get it wrong you may be stuck with it. I am writing about this so as you are aware that it can be done, but would urge you to get an experienced person to do this for you.

Neutralise by using an electronic cancellation device or crystals

There are a number of electronic devices on the market that monitor electromagnetic activity and generate an equal but opposite signal to cancel out Geopathic lines. These devises add more electromagnetic noise to a building and like all electronic devises can be unplugged or turned off by mistake. I think that it is always better to treat the core problem rather than mask it. Getting a professional to remove the lines is unlikely to cost you any more and will give you a permanent solution.


For professional help see here, or for details of how to perform these processes for yourself see our ‘Self Help’ pack.


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