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How do Geopathic Stress Lines effect Humans?

 sleeping to repair the body

Geopathic lines have a powerful effect on our nerves system and on the cells in our bodies. The most studied aspect of geopathic stress on Humans is in the incidence of cancer in those sleeping on geopathic lines. Under normal circumstances, when we sleep our bodies resistance drops by up to two thirds, this is when we rebuild our bodies energy levels and our immune systems. If these normal sleeping processes are interfered with we have less energy, are more susceptible to diseases and are more irritable.


Typical symptoms are Cancer, ME, persistent illness, a sense of unease or tension. Some houses are known as sick houses, and it is often due to untreated Geopathic Stress lines. It is equivalent to how we understand the effects of living under a high voltage power line. It is a subtle energy that directly effects how our body functions and can have a profound effect on our health.


Most of these symptoms relate to people who sleep on Geopathic Stress lines, but there are also reported effects of spending working or leisure time on Geopathic lines. These include a greater sense of hunger and a greater need to urinate.  


In ancient times the Romans and other civilisations knew that it was not good to build on Geopathic Stress lines. They would corral sheep onto an area and see if they would settle. If they got ill, or remained restless, they would build else where.  They had the 'wisdom of the land' and knew that if animals would not settle there, that they shouldn't either.They did not know the science behind their actions, but they were well aware of the consequences of setteling in the wrong place.


It is a german scientist Gustav Von Pohl who is credited with formally identifying Geopathic Stress in the 1920s. He was investigating clusters of cancer in Vilsbiburg, a Bavarian town, and in particular why some Tumor from Geopathic Stressvillages and streets had a particularly high incidence of cancer.Von Pohl benefited from Germany’s attention to detail when keeping records, and identified that these concentrations of cancer mapped directly with geological fault lines. He was the first to formally identify the effects of Geopathic Stress Lines.

The English version of Von Pohl's  book is "Earth Currents - Causative Factor of Cancer and Other Diseases" [ISBN 3772494021]. 


This interaction between a Geopathic stress line and your body falls into three principal categories. Chronic diseases. There is much more formal research on the effects of Geopathic Stress on our ability to fight disease, with compelling statistics on Cancer. Geopathic Sress effects the functioning of the Lymph gland and in turn reduces our bodies ability to protect itself. This is why chronic diseases can take hold more readily with people (or animals) who sleep on Geopathic Stress lines. Geopathic stress does not make you ill or cause Cancer, it simply reduces your defenses and makes you more prone to develop the condition. Also, by not addressing Geopathic Stress, treatment for conditions may not be as effective as they could be because of the negative effect of the Geopathic Stress.


Others get a deep sense of unease or depresion and feel that they do not belong. They may have an unreasonable sense of uneasiness or unhappiness. They often do not sleep well, have fertility problems or recurring minor illnesses. Although there may be other contributing factors to these symptoms, they are often as a result of Geopathic Stress. It is well documented that Geopathic Stress can contribute to attention deficit disorders, bedwetting and other stress related synptoms in children.


You can sense a presence. When somebody comes close to you can often sense it. If your home has a Geopathic Stress line you many sense something is there. Some houses just feel cold, some people simply do not settle in a home, and others sense that there are spirits there. Children may complain of being scared at night, or that they are spooked. Small children have a greater sense of Geopathic Stress lines and may end up in a particular corner of their cot. Our bodies can sense something there and many myths have grown to explain this, but it nothing more than a Geopathis Stress line.


You cannot hear, see or touch Geopathic Stress lines, but they are very real. These lines interact with your body’s electrical system explaination here and aura, and all of the effects described above are as a direct result of this. They are very real, and very easy top remove. For personal advice please see here.  


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