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The best investement you can make in your family's health


Years of experience removing Geopathic Stress in Ireland. 


What you can expect

I will call to your home or building and,

·           Identify any harmful Geopathic Stress lines,

·           Identify the direction of the flow of energy,

·           Mark the lines on a site plan (subject to the client providing a scale site    plan),

·           Remove any stress lines that go through your building,

·           Verify the removal.

I will show you exactly what has been completed and if it is of interest to you, will show you how to divine the relevant parts of the site. I have a passion for what I do and am delighted to share this with you.



Onsite Geopathic Stress removal visits are quoted individulally and prices are dependent on the distance to travel. I will be pleased to quote you in advance. 


This is a once off process, and makes a Great House Warming Present, or a Great Gift for someone you care about.


To book an appointment please call Paul on 087 7787606

or e-mail on paulg@GeopathicCare.com


I normally cover Limerick, Cork, Kerry, Galway, Tipparary Clare and Waterford, but will travel further when required


Geopathic Stress and Farmers Animals and Geopathic Stress

If you are keeping animals in pens or buildings and want to enquire about Geopathic Stress you can call and the first phone consultation is FREE. We will cover the key indicators of distressed animals and conclude if it is worth while doing an onsite assessment.


Animal Rescue Centres

If you operate an animal rescue centre I will be pleased to provide an onsite Geopathis Stress removal visit for FREE (you will need to cover the cost of travel and a cup of tea).


For conditions of service please see here

What my
Customers say

 " Since having my house cleared, several health issues have greatly improved. We have also noticed a marked improvement in emotional energy in the house, which has made a difference to general relations in the family. I would strongly recommend this coarse of action" N Buttery, Limerick

"Top class service Paul! I am delighted I got my house done. Thank you for putting my mind at rest. I will definitely be recommending you." Evelyn, Co. Kerry.

' Thank you for taking the time to show me what it is all about. I am delighted that I had my house checked' Sarah H, Dublin

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