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What is Geopathic Stress?


The term Geopathic is derived from the Latin term ‘Geo’ meaning earth, and ‘pathic’ meaning stress. Lines of this energy are referred to as Geopathic Stress lines.


The Earth has a natural electromagnetic field that is at a frequency of roughly 7.8 Hz, the Schumann Resonances. This field gets distorted as it passes through underground streams, mineral deposits and other obstructions, and the frequency changes to a level that is harmful to most humans. In worst cases it is understood to go as high as 250Hz. This is what we know as Geopathic Stress and this is why it typically occurs along lines that follow the course of underground rivers.


Other factors such as natural geological fault lines. Man-made fault lines from nuclear testing, and building projects that disturb the land, can also create conditions where the earth’s natural electro-magnetic forces are distorted and result in Geopathic Stress lines. The most common cause of Geopathic Stress lines is underground streams, and as a rule, wetter climates have more underwater rivers and therefore more Geopathic Stress lines.

 Shuttle with Schumann Resonator

The earths Electromagnetic field is essential for life and there is a strong correlation between Schumann Resonance and the alpha brain rhythms 7-12 Hz . Research shows that when there is a high level of alpha brainwave frequencies we are more likely to be healthy. This is why  NASA has installed Schumann Resonators in it's space shuttles.    


There are many other types of Geopathic Stress and two of the most commomly established are; Hartmann lines form a grid that generally follow the lines of longitude and latitude, and are roughly 6 feet apart, and the Curry Grid that straggles the equator stretching into both the northern and southern hemispheres. Where underground water and these two grids occur in the same place, the electromagnetic energy that they produce will interact and can produce even more harmful conditions for us.


The higher frequency of Geopathic Stress is not only out of sync with our brain's frequency, but it is often in a range that other organisms thrive in. For example, Bacteria and paracites thrive in the 150 to 180 Hz range, and likewise Mould and Viruses prosper at these higher rates.


Geopathic Stress lines can be located in many ways including the use of Magnetometers and other devices to locate electromagnetic levels. However, the most effective, the easiest, and most widely accepted way of locating these lines is by using a Diviner or Dowser.

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